Ride In 1/23: Wait, I lied

Another cold one today. Might have been worse than yesterday or maybe just as bad or maybe not as bad. Those are pretty much the only options I can think of. Didn't seem as windy, but when there was wind, I made sure to get in its way as much as possible because there's nothing in life I aspire to be more than a kite. That explains why I'm always hanging out at the beach wearing brightly colored outfits and always have about 30 feet of string hanging out of my back pocket.

East Capitol to the Capitol to Pennsylvania Avenue to 15th Street and its cycle track and on that magnificent piece of bike infrastructure, I continued on northwards before turning west on R Street. It was a game-time decision about whether to take the R Street route or to continue on Pennsylvania Avenue through Foggy Bottom, but ultimately, I think it was the right choice. However, once the #MStreetCycleTrack is installed (between some time later this afternoon and December 31, 2013), I'll probably eschew both of these well-worn routes and take that, mostly because of the novelty and the juice the bike count numbers, assuming they actually do bike count numbers. I imagine that bike numbers include 1, which sort of looks like a seat post, 8, which looks like two wheels, and 3, which looks like drop handlebars. Other numbers probably look like other bike things and I encourage you to think of all of your numerals and all of the bike things they represent.

WABA has an app. The idea of launching Angry Bikes at Pig NIMBYs to rescue the pilfered bike lanes is totally inspired. Of course, that's not what this app is for, but maybe they'll incorporate that in version 2.0. This WaBa also has an app, if you'd like to work at a California teriyaki house.

R Street was fine. Some dude shoaled me but what do I care because it was really cold and when it gets super cold, my umbrage doesn't prove to be self-heating.

On the climb up Mass Avenue, I thought to myself about how much I just wanted the ride to be over. It was eventually, but it only ever ends when you get to where you need to be or stop to take the bus and bus service is far too infrequent.

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  1. The only reason I ever made it up Wisconsin, all the way was because the darn buses never come.