I don't mind you coming here and wasting all my time

"A foolish consistency is the Dr. Octopus of little minds"- Not Emerson

Are you a cyclist or bike rider? Are you a motorist or just someone driving a car? A walkist, a pedestrian or on your way somewhere via feet and gumption? Pogoist? Are you a chiropodist and if not, why the hell are you touching my feet? "Infinitesimally segment to perpetually otherize!" could be on bumper stickers if bumper sticker companies weren't so interested in making the vast sums of money that bumper sticker companies invariably make (7 out of the world's top 10 billionaires are bumper sticker tycoons according to this bumper sticker I saw once). If we could just subdivide the world into enough groups (I use the app Nicheify to help in this task) and label those groups appropriately, then all of our problems will go away. Or at least the problem of pointless self-exculpation.

Science (Dr. Octavian was a scientist) tells us that the world is made up of individuals and not undifferentiated masses. Some might even say that this is a demonstrable fact. So, why not talk about individuals? Let's put individual people back in our stories about bicycling and especially in stories when those individuals do stupid and dangerous things. It's both lazy and inaccurate to do otherwise. Drawing conclusions about the whole of a group based on the actions of some of its members is wrongheaded and silly. For example. And it's especially wrongheaded when the only commonality across the group happens to be two-wheeled conveyance. In conclusion, my suggestion is that we both talk about (and treat) people as if they are individuals and that individuals are responsible for their individual actions. Or whatever really. Just an idea.

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