ANC 3D Supports Bike Lanes, Puppies (probably)

Well, that was something. Full write-up here.

I did not think this would happen. Not by a long-shot. But it did and it did in no small part to the many, many supporters who testified and the commissioners who listened to the testimony and thought deeply about the implications of action and the implications of inaction. I really do believe that there isn't much that separate the supporters of the bike lane from the people who opposed it and that we fundamentally want the same thing: a better New Mexico Avenue. I think one is coming.

It'll be funny someday to think that bike lanes were once controversial.

Regarding puppies, I don't know for sure to what extent ANC 3D supports them, but I don't think it'd be unreasonable to assume that they support puppies very much because puppies are pretty great.

UPDATE: A special thanks to Joe and Rory, troubled youth ANC commissioners both, who were instrumental in getting this passed.

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