Bike Lanes on New Mexico Avenue Will Benefit Everyone

I've got a  new post over at Greater Greater Washington urging ANC 3D to support the addition of bicycle lanes on Tunlaw Road and New Mexico Avenue.

I don't know how many of you at familiar with the road, but I commuted on it regularly for a number a years and I think it's a great candidate for bike lanes. I mean, if you read the other thing, you already know that. It's amazing the piece of mind a little section of dedicated roadway can give you, especially when riding (very slowly uphill) in the city. It's really not much (it's just a stripe of white paint), but it can make such a big difference. And considering that the lane comes to NO COST WHATSOEVER IN CAR PARKING OR TRAVEL LANES and that PEOPLE ALREADY AND WILL CONTINUE TO BICYCLE ON TUNLAW AND NEW MEXICO, it seems kind of like a no-brainer.

I applaud ANC 3D and DDOT for working through these plans together. I think that they've been much improved through the iterative process of multiple meetings and ample opportunities for citizen feedback. The commissioners really care about their residents' opinions (as they should) and have been very diligent in this issue. I sincerely hope that they rationally weigh the positive impact of adding the bike lane (a safer and more orderly road for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists) against the negative impact (practically none) and vote to support it.

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