Ride Home 6/18: BUNNIES

Working from home today, but I did ride home yesterday and it was pretty much everything that I thought it would be. That is, very hot. I've learned to sublimate my distaste for the overbearing heat and I've even come to appreciate it. After all, how else would I cook ribs other than throwing them in my pannier? It's really the only truly sustainable way to make ribs and while I've ruined many work shirts with pork juices and dry rub, I really couldn't bear the looks of disappointment on my family's faces if I didn't bring home bike-bag-cooked meat. It's actually not true that I cook boned meats in my bike bag (in order for my bag's temperatures to get that warm, I'd have to take Metro), but yesterday was awfully hot and if this weather keeps up on-bike cookery will soon seem both practical and reasonable. And think of the time savings! No more waiting for the microwave to finish heating up my Hungry Man Chipotle BBQ Boneless Chicken Wyngz! [Wyngz. Really.] 

Massachusetts to 21st to L. Maybe I should've taken Pennsylvania instead of L. Until the reconstruction work on L is done, I think I'd rather take a wider street with no bike infra than ride through screwy bike infra. I'm really not a VC type (nor am I a venture capitalist) and I plan my route to normally take as many bike lanes and cycletracks as possible (because 1) they're generally better and 2) I think it's important people use them), that situation with the closed lane at Connecticut is really something I'd rather avoid. And this is how 30 bad feet "ruins" 6 good blocks. 

Zebras are still on Penn. The heat probably reminds them of home. They might be removed soon and replaced with other, better, and more barriers and its unclear what equid those will be named after. I hope they're Lipizzaners and first time there's a u-turning driver, we get some badass capriole action. That'd be sweet.

 East Capitol is a really nice street and I'm lucky to bike down it twice everyday. I'd like if more if there were fewer UPS trucks parked in its bike lanes, but it's only like 3 times a week that happen and that means that there are 2 other times when it doesn't happen and yesterday was one of those days. Though there was a USPS truck. Oh well. 

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  1. If the day ever comes when I see a horse do a flying karate kick into a u-turning cab on PA Ave, that day will be the greatest of all days.