Ride In 6/20: Don't know how, don't know when

Habits. Sometimes you form them and they allegedly die hard (like Bruce Willis!), but other times you break habits and I've broken the habit of daily blogging and it slipped my mind that I should have already written up the morning commute. It was another lovely one with perfect early summer weather, a fully functioning bike, and a pleasant coffee engagement, as is the a Friday habit that I haven't broken. Afterwards, it was my habitual trip down G Street- a street that could be so much better for bicycling if anyone cared to suggest it might be- and then down Virginia Avenue, across Water Street, and up Wisconsin Avenue. I'm impressed with the amount of unloading trucks on Wisconsin Avenue, parked and double-parked from M Street through Calvert, their absence being less of the norm than their presence. I've been on Wisconsin during the morning hours outside of standard commute times and it seems that then there are even more unloading trucks, if that's even possible. I guess that's the way it's supposed to work on city commercial strips, but I wonder to what extent we'll ever really be able to change the transportation dynamics on Wisconsin Avenue so long as the vast majority of things to the vast majority of stores, shops and restaurants are conveyed each morning my box truck. It seems like an unfun place to drive a car- and this is even before 9:30 when there's [allegedly] not a parking lane. In any case, I've come to much prefer Wisconsin to my old route (and still current afternoon route) of riding up Massachusetts. I'll trade staid and stately embassies for the morning bustle of a commercial strip every day of the week. Cities are for commerce. Bike riding is for cities. And given my spending lately, city bike riding is for commerce. I'll just pat myself on the back for being a job creator. I'm sure I'm personally keeping open tens of tube factories and dozens of rubber plants. I'm not someone with perpetually bad luck when it comes to flat tires. I'm a job creator. (Not flats yet since I fixed the last flat. Yet.)

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