Ride In 7/1: Guilt by Association

This is primarily a bike commute blog, but it's also a blog about how the District of Columbia should probably join Belgium if we're not granted Statehood in the United States. There are many, many reasons for this, all of which are very obvious so I won't bore you with them. I'd also like to think that the addition of 600,000 non-Flamand, non-Wallonian, non-adjacent new residents will help break Belgian political gridlock and lead to a brighter future for all, including us, the New World Belgians (which might also be the name of my new ska band). But won't it will be hard to govern this non-contiguous Belgium? Um, isn't that why we have the internet? Anyway, they'd probably also let us be a State or the Belgian equivalent of a state or just give us the full citizenship rights we currently lack, which isn't exactly something the United States is so keen on. In conclusion, for now "Go America!" but if between now and start of the game the District accedes to Belgium, then go "Go Belgium!" If the announcement about us joining Belgium is made at half-time (which is a possibility, in that there is such a thing as half-time), then I hope that we (whoever we are) finish out the game on top. Go us! (and by us, I mean U.S. For now)

Biked to work later than normal. It was really hot and muggy.

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