Ride Home 7/1: Leuven Spoonful

The timing of my ride made it such that I missed all of the goals. I don't really want to talk about it. I could've stuck it out at work until the game was over, but I took the risk that I could make it home for penalty kicks that never happened. I don't really want to talk about it.

Here's the gathering in Freedom Plaza:

Heckuva lot of people for outside in a billion degrees and no (legal) alcohol. I'm not saying that public outdoor drinking is the solution to all of our soccer woes (in fact, it might bring about additional, non-soccer ones), but Freedom Plaza is the definition of "blah" and maybe we could pep it up a bit with some beer and hot dogs. What's more American than that? And what's more Freedom-y than making questionable decisions about cased meats of unknown provenance?  

It was extraordinarily hot and gross and I felt slow on the bike and the bike felt slow under me. Nothing worse than lagging under awful weather. The ride is never long enough when the weather's great and never short enough when the weather's awful. 

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