Ride In 7/2: Remember the Maine

The Bard once asked "What's cooler than cool?" Ice cold. And yes, I've always referred to Andre 3000 as the Bard. Who did you think I meant? But what, pray tell, is hotter than hot? Today. Today is hotter than hot. And muggier than muggy. And grosser than gross. It's like Andre 3000 Kelvin. It would be singularly unpleasant weather if it wasn't so likely that this weather will repeat a few more times over the summer and again next summer and again the summer after that. And so son. Yet, people ride bicycles on days like today and they make the most of it. How did I make the most of it? Well, I put a live lobster in my water bottle and by the time I got to work, I had a lovely meal. FUN FACT: I melted the butter in my other water bottle. This is why you buy a bike with two water bottle cages. Unfortunately, given that my water bottles were full of lobster and butter, I got rather parched on the ride and had no water to drink. Trade-offs, I guess.

I stopped at an Impromptu-ish Wednesday Coffee Club and those of us there who weren't taking the picture of those of the rest of us looked like this:

Impromptu-ish Wednesday Coffee Club. Not pictured Ted, who took the picture. Also not pictured, Frosty the Snowman. RIP. 

Nothing like a hot day to stop for a bit and sit outside and  drink some hot coffee. Not that the coffee had much of a choice. Even iced coffee would be hot coffee on a day like today. Oh, and I guess the kicker is that it's going to be even hotter on the ride home. I think the heat index will be something like 375, which will actually be great because I'm planning on baking some banana bread in my water bottle on the way home.

Be safe. Aside from the heat, there could be severe storms later and those might knock loose your water bottle and you don't want to be scalded by half-baked banana bread. Oh, and the high winds and rain and lightning might be dangerous too.

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  1. Good call on the banana bread warning.