Rides 9/26: postage stamp

This will be the last post for the next two weeks. I'm going on holiday. See you all in October 13!

To celebrate my time off of work, I decided to take the long way home. I ambled along the Capital Crescent Trail and then followed the Potomac past the Lincoln Memorial and down Ohio Drive and decided to take a celebratory lap around Hains Point, leaving thereafter to continue along the Eastern Branch on the permanently-interim Anacostia Riverwalk Trail along Water Street and past Fort McNair and then past the baseball stadium, from where streams of cyclists flowed after the day game of the double-header. Yards Park gave way to the Navy Yard Riverwalk and from there I turned inland, riding up 11th, north and east on Potomac to 16th and then home.

There's something special about a Friday afternoon commute and even more so when it's once before two weeks off. I like that you can take an extra 20 minutes on the ride home and for this minimal investment in time, you yield massive returns in good feeling. I highly recommend it.

In the morning, I rode through the city and it seemed quiet and empty. There wasn't much traffic along Wisconsin, though enough for a driver to honk at me for not going as soon as the light turned green. From M to Calvert, you might wish to know, a stretch that's all uphill, it's possible to go as fast as someone driver a car (and much faster when the traffic is less sparse). I beat the honker at the line right as we crossed Calvert and I felt pretty damn good about it. Take that, honker. (I don't think he cared or probably even noticed. Most drivers that you 'race' with don't even know you're racing. That's probably for the best, for a lot of reasons.)

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