Rides 10/23: Of Clay and Wattles Made

Today's commutes were fine. Didn't rain, wasn't too cold. Minor annoyances remained minor. The grocery store relented some of its victuals and I brought them home and cut some of the victuals with a knife and they transmogrophied into dinner, as they do (in the morning, they only ever transmogrify into breakfast. Weird). On the way up the Hill, I saw the doyenne of #coffeeneuring, the MG, and we chatted. In summer, you see on bikes more people you know. In autumn, you actually stop and talk to them.

Tomorrow, like nearly all Frdays, I will be riding to coffee. And so will Pete and Chris and Stuart, who also regularly attend the informal get-together of bikey types at M.E. Swings. Except whereas I will start from home for a mere wisp of a trek, Pete and Chris and Stuart will have started (this morning) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and ridden straight the way through. Some people really like Friday Coffee Club. If you're inclined, you can meet up with them for the last miles. If you're even more inclined there's a charitable element involved as well. More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/716918578394844/

Be inclined. 

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