Rides 3/3: rambouillet

What's the fastest way to get to the point? I hope by bicycle. Here goes:

M Street for the first time this winter since before the first snow. It's still not great. And perhaps more frustrating than the ice were the various drivers (mostly of the working sort) who can't seem to stay out of it. I swear, that bike symbol is like catnip and taxi drivers and delivery drivers are like cats. Cats that drive two ton metal death machines. Meow.

Georgetown on M and Georgetown up Wisconsin and I wanted to stop for some kind of savory breakfast treat and yet I didn't, partly from my deficiency in knowledge of where they might serve such things. I guess I could've knocked on doors and politely asked the inhabitants/housekeepers if they had any sausage biscuits, but it's likely that they wouldn't. Southern efficiency we lack.

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak. Lube your chain, kids. And never ride a tandem with mouse.

Tunlaw and New Mexico. And work and work all day and then I rode home in what aspired to be a freezing rain, but wasn't. There are lots of worse weathers than freezing rain, but there are even more weathers that are better than it. Some days you don't mind the bike commute, but aren't crazy about the 45 minutes in the rain. But 75 minutes on a bus aren't better. Unless it was George Clinton's tour bus and we were driving Jon Favreau back to Port Chester University. In hindsight, I'm not sure that movie holds up.

L Street was better than M, but not by much. One letter's worth, I suppose. What do we want? Concrete curbs! When do we want them? Soon-ish? WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. But, then again, so did the Ancient Romans and their bike infrastructure was shit. And yet, they didn't have "Hadrian's white line that we're all just gonna hope the Picts don't cross, ok?" Oh well.

I'd like winter to be over. We're likely to get more snow tomorrow night into Thursday morning. I'm going to file a formal protest with the authorities. March is for spring. We surrender.

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