Rides 4/29 and Rides 4/30: No More April

Yesterday in: Pennsylvania Avenue across town to 27th through parts to East Georgetown where I don't normally go and then up over through the parts of East Georgetown where I normally go. And then I went beyond because I can't just stop in East Georgetown and knock on the door of some stately mansion and ask if I can check my work email from their home computer or, at worst, just use their wifi so I can do it from my phone without eating into my data plan. I mean, I can't just stop at do that until my probation from doing it the last times ends. See you in three years!

Today in: Normally when I ride along the Mall to Rock Creek, I give up around K Street, but today I kept on the trail for much longer, riding north through the city and up the bitch of the short hill to Calvert Street and from there up more streets and eventually to work, though before that to the place where I sometimes buy a bagel and cream cheese. They don't put the cream cheese on the bagel. They put the cream cheese in a little plastic container and they slice and toast the bagel and then they put the sliced and toasted bagel into a bag with the container of cream cheese and a plastic knife. This isn't upon request either. It's just how they do it. It seems a bit wasteful (here, sir, have some plastic stuff that you'll throw out!) and also it shifts the labor of schmearing onto me. Is this so I can choose not use the entire tiny container of cream cheese? Is it because the guy who slices the bagels has it in his contract that he only has to slice and doesn't have to schmear? Is it because I asked for a 'bagel with cream cheese' and not a 'bagel with cream cheese on it, like right now, as in, put their by you (presuming you are not contractually bound to not do it).

Yesterday home: I think I took the normal way home. I noticed more than in the previous days the changing of the timing of the lights on Pennsylvania Avenue. Over the course of bike commuting for a number of years along pretty much the same route, you get used to the sequencing of the lights. But more than that, you just get used to stopping at traffic lights in general. It's a thing that happens. It's fine. As much as maybe I cared towards the beginning of my bike commuting life about 'beating lights' and 'trying to go fast,' I've long since given up on caring about this. Frankly, it makes for a much more pleasurable commute and it comes at the low, low cost of maybe 3 minutes. 3 minutes! I would take this deal every day of the week, but I only take it Monday through Friday because that's when I ride to work.

Today home: It rained. Thoroughly. There were big puddles and I rode through them. Then it stopped raining and I thought the rain was over. Then the rain came back. Then the rain ended again. My shoes are still very wet. It's not summer enough yet for summer rain, so I still had to wear my rain jacket. The net effect of that is that one more item of clothing I wore became thoroughly soaked.

Gear Prudence.


got stuck behind this guy

The pole is undercover

After you press the button to cross the street, you have enough time before the light changes to pose your bike for a picture, take the picture, and get back on your bike and then wait another 10 seconds, then cross the street when the WALK comes on. 

"Let's reserve a bunch of nature in the middle of the city!"
"Great plan! Sounds totally idyllic"
"Yes, and then we can turn it into a major commuter highway"
"Great- wait, what?'

This sign mocks you because you've already climbed up at least half the hill and by the time you pass, you're more than very well acquainted with the steepness of the grade. Put it at the bottom of the hill!

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  1. Did someone doodle that little guy riding the bike on the sign? That's so fecking cool.