Rides 8/28: Summery

Been too long (two days) since this ride for me to recollect anything in detail. So, that's put the bottom line up top and say 'it was fine.' Now might also be a good time to mention that the blog is going on a bit of a hiatus as I find myself going back to school. As with the previous hiatus, I'm going to try to maybe remember to pop in when I have more free time and write things and I really hope that I do this with some degree of regularity, though I don't intend to make any promises.

We're coming up to the most palatable month of the year for bike commuter. September, even more than April, is a bicyclist's delight. The heat wanes, the crispiness begins and the leaves crimson, but still cling. If it doesn't rain much, then it's even more of a treat. I'm going to try to ride as much as I can whenever I can and maybe even squeeze in an ill-thought "adventure" later in the month. If that comes to pass, I might even try to write about it.


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