On not bicycling

I'm laid up. Figuratively mostly. Did something to my Achilles. Probably from running. Don't run. Running is never good. Anyway, I went to the doctor. The doctor did an x-ray. Actually, the radiologist did it. But the doctor looked at it. Actually, she was a PA. But I don't harp on that distinction. No harping here. X-ray showed no signs of a brake. Probably just a strain. Maybe a sprain. Hurts still. She gave me some pills. And they wrapped it. Not her, or the radiologist, but someone else. It got wrapped. I limped a little. I've been taking the pills. They help some. Reduce the inflammation. That's the goal. But also I should rest. I've been trying. That means no biking. That means staying home. When out, that means driving. I drove to work. It cost $14 to park. For the day. What a scam. I drove to the movies. It cost $6 to park. The same as the ticket. I drove to a coffee shop. Free to park there. It's Sunday. Still paying for gas though. Didn't even really want to go. Not because coffee isn't good. It is. Quite good. But driving is a pain. I don't like it. I mean, it's fine. It's just not my preference. It's a hassle. Even when parking is free. It makes me want to stay home. I don't want to go places. Because I don't want to drive places. I don't want to explore. It's not worth it.

When you get into bicycling, or at least get used to bicycling everywhere, whether you think that that's some kind of special vocation or just your preferred option for getting around, you rapidly become used to a certain kind of mobility and freedom and, though I can't speak for everyone, a certain kind of willingness to explore. The act of traveling is so pleasurable that you want to go places, not just because the places are fun to go, but because getting there is fun too. At least that's what happens with me and that's why on a weekend, a long weekend, when I'm laid up and off the bike, I feel doubly down- down from the injury itself and down from the knock-on effect of the injury, the psychic hurdle of not wanting to go places because getting there is so, comparatively, unfun. Even when it's objectively not that bad. Anyway, that's my sob story. Don't take bicycling for granted.


  1. Been there. Done that. When something breaks in running, it's usual a part of you. When something breaks in cycling, it's usually a part of the bike.

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