Rides 7/27

Sometimes your legs just feel good. This morning I felt like I could've gone another dozen miles without thinking and even after another thirty or forty maybe I'd only feel good, though I suppose there'd be some questions about why I wasn't at work yet. I think this means that my legs want me to take a longer ride this weekend and I might very well try that. I haven't been out for anything longer than 20 miles in a few months and haven't gone any real distances since last fall. I feel ready for it. It'll probably rain.

I ride roughly the same route as the 96 bus for most of my route (this is the bus my ANC commissioner takes to work) and I passed it today. I think even with all the uphill sections of this route, it's still faster to bike than bus. I mean, the bus would be faster if it didn't have to stop, but stopping to pick up and let off passengers is one of the really great things a bus does, so it's likely that the bus will continue to stop along the way and I'll continue to not stop and we'll just have to go at different speeds. Anyway, BREAKING: buses and bikes are different.

Got honked at. Turns out that I should've made a left turn in front of a car that I wasn't sure would come to a stop at a yellow-turning-red light. The funny thing about loud horn noises is that they don't cancel out my self-preservation instinct. So, yeah, sorry. Anyway, this led me to wonder if the future of robot cars is going to be any quieter or much, much louder. The argument for quieter is that by removing the noisemaker from the dickholes inside, you won't have nearly as much 'pique honking.' The argument for louder is that every single piece of technology invented in the last 25 years has involved superfluous beeping. Like, a shit ton of superfluous beeping. And frankly, if we have it that buses make announcements warning pedestrians that they're going to be run over and we find this to be socially acceptable (and maybe even useful!), it's hard to imagine that we won't continue this in the future. Anyway, buy earplugs.

First ride home in a few days when I didn't stop at the bike shop. Didn't stop anywhere really. Got stuck behind a bus that belched some hot fumes at me. That was unpleasant. I mean, I love me some hot fumes (fondue is delicious!) but it was entirely unnecessary on such a hot day. It almost made me sweatier, except for the fact that that would've been impossible

Next Thurday I'm hosting pub trivia sponsored by our good friends at REI. Sign up. One of the answers is going to be 'you don't need to buy a kayak. you live in a city. come on.' So, you've got one point already. So you're all tied. For last. But also first. Cool!

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