Rides 7/28

Maybe I should start going the long way, which is up Massachusetts, which is the way I used to go to work. It takes about 10 minutes longer on a slow day, but I know it better, but the reason I would really consider it is to escape the bad Connecticut and Calvert intersection. Today I was almost taken out by a left-turning driver, who, thankfully saw me, and stopped. I've had maybe three bad calls there in two weeks and avoiding it, at least for a few days, might be better than risking a fourth.

Crossing guards are great for pedestrians. But are they still crossing guards when they're pretty much only directing car traffic and there's not a pedestrian in sight? I don't know. I have issues with St. Albans. Anyway, it'd be nice if maybe the crossing guard at least sort of tried to kind of not completely block the bike lane on Garfield. Maybe?

I had an event after work and I left it right as the rain began. The rain was accompanied by lightning and then it really picked up and it really came down in buckets. I was wearing my work clothes, which are and forever will be wet until the end of time. That's fine. Once you get a little wet, you might as well get a lot wet and that's what happened. The best part was riding through the few inches of water that had accumulated in the bike lanes of the Duke Ellington Bridge. With each pedal stroke, my shoe was fully submerged. It was like walking in the ocean, but without the sand. So, pretty good, actually.

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