Rides 9/7 and Rides 9/8

Two more days on the Ogre. It's still summer. Yesterday evening I had some bonus rides back and forth between home and NoMa and the one at night was in a light drizzle. It's been too long since I've ridden in the rain. I kind of missed it. Sort of. Happily, on the ride over to NoMa, I ran into Nelle and Nick from WABA and we followed all of the traffic laws. All of them. Just like I would have had I not been with WABA people.

My front brake makes a rather horrific noise of late. It's a primal scream, I think. The bike wants me to keep going. Would that I could. I don't mind a brake that makes a lot of noise. It shows that I'm at least trying to stop. Also, easier than dinging.

There's one corner on my new route to work that I don't like and it's the intersection of 5 streets at the base of the hill where Calvert meets Woodley meets Cleveland meets a few other streets. There's just a lot of different directions to look for the unexpected and a few too many places to worry you've missed someone coming from. The downhill in the afternoon worries me more than the uphill in the morning, but the morning isn't without its stresses either. Maybe it's time to take more seriously my previously stated desire to avoid that whole area whatsoever.

They've installed new and better bike parking outside my office and I've started taking advantage of it. One of my students said that she tried to park next to my bike the other day, but couldn't. 1) it's cool that one of my students bikes 2) it's cool that one of them knows that I bike and knows my bike (likely because sometimes I keep my bike in the office, which I really shouldn't because professionalism or something) but 3) I should've inquired why she couldn't park next to me. Did the Ogre take up too much space? Was it just too tight to get the bike in there? Why did I not ask? Oh well. Next time, I guess.

Read this from WABA. It's important.

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