Ride Home 3/18

First day that it could maybe even be described as hot. I remembered sunscreen this time.
I was going to take the CCT home, but I decided to instead bike down New Mexico to see if my video had any instantaneous impact. It, obviously, did not. But I wouldn't know how to judge impact anyway- maybe residents themselves out with white paint striping lines while singing happy songs about bicycling? I don't know.
New least favorite place where cars make a left turn- oncoming traffic on to Manor Place. From the perspective of coming downhill, it's after where traffic from Tunlaw and 37th merge. The stop sign nexus (technical term) is really fraught- mostly because traffic (bikes and cars!) on Tunlaw takes advantage of the fact that motorists driving up 37th make a leftish turn and that impedes the traffic (bikes and cars!) coming down 37th. This throws the stop sign sequencing completely out of whack! So, all parties are frustrated and then, because of their stop-sign-sequencing-out-of-whack-frustration rage, many drivers feel compelled to speed down 37th. The left turners know this, so they're extra jumpy with their left turns. Hence, why I don't like it.
Wrong way cyclist on the 34th street bike lane. She gave a sort of impish smile, one that said "by biking this way, I only expected to negatively impact the experience of drivers, no fellow bicyclists."
So surreptitious.
I tried to secretly take a picture of these local collegians (I assume) loading up their panniers with 24 packs of cheap, American beer. USA! USA! Here's the problem with surreptitious pictures- I can't actually take them. I was so spotted by the woman on the left and she did the thing where she pretended that she didn't see me. Just to be clear, lady, I was taking a picture of the youths. I'm planning on starting a "beer by bike" tumblr. Side project! (Because this one is so successful)
I have mixed feelings about cyclists riding up Lee Highway instead of on the Custis, which runs parallel to it. I guess it's their right, but prior to Veitch, Lee Highway resembles a limited access highway more than a pleasant, bikeable street. Plus, for a good bit of that stretch, it serves as an extended on ramp to 66.  I mean, there's a perfectly adequate trail right there. Do what you want, but use some common sense, right?
No one (surprise) took me up on the offer to guest blog for the upcoming week. If you'd still like to (even just once), please email talesfromthesharrows@gmail.com. Have a great couple of days everyone.

Here are some puppies playing. We miss you, Cuppy.

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