VIDEO: Bicyclist Perspective on Tunlaw Road and New Mexico Avenue

So, here's some video of my ride up Tunlaw Road and New Mexico Avenue (both NW) this morning. (My previous "reporting" on these bike lanes is here, here, here, and here) There are currently no bike facilities (a painted white line that helps tell people where bikes should go) on either of these streets,  but there's a possibility that some day there will be. I don't have much to add in the way of commentary. I'm sorry for going so fast up those hills- I had some Spanish steak for breakfast. I also apologize for the video quality. I'll try to get a better quality video up at some point, but this is the best I could do for now. I also chose not to add a soundtrack, because I couldn't decide between Tina Turner's Simply the Best or Tina Turner's What's Love Got to Do with It. Neither of those songs have anything to do with biking, but who doesn't love Tina Turner?
All in all, it was a pretty typical morning ride in terms of cars and pedestrians. The video is just shy of 8 minutes. You can decide after watching if you think that bike lanes would make any difference, positive or negative, for either bicyclists or drivers.

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