White Stripes

"But these are shark infested waters!"
"I don't see why you're complaining. We've laid down a white stripe to indicate a swimming lane. You'll be perfectly safe."

"These seats seems awfully close to the NASCAR track."
"But these white lines means you're in a spectator safety lane. It'll be fine"

"Hey, is that a vial of flesh-eating bacteria?"
"Yeah, but it's on the other side of this white line. We're in the non-infectious lane. Why worry?"

"Our zoo has sure saved a lot of money by replacing the lion cages with some white paint and zoo visitor lanes"

"But Marcus, Vesuvius!-"
"Never you mind. We're in the safe-from-ash-and-magma lane. No worries."

"By covering Whitechapel with these carefully painted white lines, the Ripper will be rendered completely ineffectual!"

"DANGER: RADIOACTIVE. Unless, of course, you're on the other sign of that white stripe"

Bike lanes are just white stripes. Never forget.


  1. I finally understand why Jack and Meg White named their band what they did. They were offering a prescient and forward-thinking warning to cyclists! The White Stripes were a cycling advocacy band! Amazing!

  2. Six inches of paint doesn't equal three feet of roadway.

  3. Ditto on the crosswalks. Did you see that a pedestrian was hit this morning at Penn and 9th? She was still in the crosswalk and a fire truck and various personnel were there when I went through at about 7.30 this morning.