Rides 8/12: Wearing a Wire

Missed the big rain, didn't miss the small puddles afterwards. Ride your bike through puddles. It's pretty great. On your bike commute, you have to make your own fun. You can, I've also heard, make your own curtains and save some money and imbue your window coverings with a better sense of your personal style. I don't sew, but I do have some windows, so tips like this are definitely half-informed, at least (also at best). You might also be able to make your own Venetian blinds, but who has the time and, furthermore, how are you even going to get the gondola inside? But I digress.

Don't ride your bike unwittingly through potholes. I did this morning and I was jarred and a bystander said something like, and I regret that I can't recall it verbatim, "ain't that the way it is" and I thought it rueful. I said, "at least I stayed upright." And so it goes. 

Some new bike parking in the former bike parking desert (not to be confused with bike parking dessert, which is probably some kind of inverted U-shaped chocolate cake, or should be) of Georgetown:

It's outside of clothing store Zara and not up two blocks in front of my sentimental, if not gastronomical, favorite bad Chinese food spot, but maybe someday Kitchen No. 1 will have bike parking and it will be No. 1 in terms of bike parking and not just No. 1 in bad Chinese food. 

Saw two tiny poodles on the ride home. One was white and one was apricot. I didn't register seeing any non-poodle dogs. Are there even non-poodle dogs? 

L Street to 15th and the city was empty. Few cyclists and paltry car traffic. Generally, I don't like empty cities. They remind me of zombie movies. I think it's kinda funny that in most zombie movies the zombies don't drive cars. And that's a shame because if anyone would love standing in line at the DMV, it'd be zombies. Zombie DMV is, I think, the best fake reality show concept never made. 


  1. This is hilarious and well-punctuated. Subscribed.

  2. I too hit a pothole yesterday, but besides jarring me it also gave me a flat. Ain't that the way it is.