Ride In 9/13

With fresh air (with Terry Gross?) in my tires and fresh (Prince of Bel?) air in my lungs, I set off this morning happily and with the aim of having a relaxing, easy ride into work. For the most part, this was verily done and I managed to make the ride swiftly and fleetly and with little incident. As you might be able to tell from the title, I did ride in to work today, meaning that I'm not out of town and I might have jumped the gun yesterday insinuating that that was my last ride along my current route because that wasn't the case at all and I was back again, rotely riding from light to light as I do and have done every morning for more than two years now.
Does anyone out there have a nice grandma who is maybe also the best, most polite driver in the world? Because I'd live to start a collection to buy her a black BMW as part of an off-set program, the way that polluters plant trees to make up for their heinous crimes against the environment. Today's foul was admittedly minor because the driver did stop prior to right-hooking me in the bike lane on Quincy, but nonetheless, the almost laughable consistency of this particular subset of motorists continues.
I got bunched up with a pair of bicyclists at the intersection of Clarendon and Veitch at the stop light and all three of us were wedged between a bus and the sidewalk. I made the mistake of trying to stick with the two and this backfired as they were able to outpace the bus ever so slightly before the driver began to pull into the stop, whereas I had to drop back and only narrowly a rather disastrous outcome. I then made the stupid mistake of trying to skirt around the bus in the few feet of lane to its left and thankfully there was just enough room to make it through. Doing stuff like this is dumb and I ought not to do it.
I always wonder where people are driving their bikes. Today, I saw a LITESPEED on some guy's roof. I really hope he's not driving it somewhere just to ride it.
I rode down to the intersection of Lynn and Lee and crossed without incident. There was no police presence when I was there, but I heard that there was an officer handing out flyers (or something) later in the morning. Unless he was handing out flyers to drivers, I think that they missed the point of last night's meeting. This had me riding along the downstream side of the bridge, where I was passed by an "on your left" fixie rider who darted past the pylons at the intersection with the Whitehurst at a speed that I wouldn't necessarily recommend. My relative slowness put me behind some joggers, two abreast and at least 17 feet across somehow.
I took 33rd to Dent, a new route for me, and was waved through multiple stop signs by obliging drivers. Seriously guys, I can wait, but thanks anyway.
DDOT filled the pit with the baby Sarlaac.
Not much more to say about the rest of the trip. The usual spate of drivers passing maybe too closely. A couple of drivers running stop signs. The normal parking in loading zones blocking the route for bicyclists. It's like living near a dump. After a while, you get used to the smell.  But it was a beautiful morning, so why bother complaining?


  1. Wait, was the point of last night's meeting not, "Be careful, the road is car territory"? It was sometimes hard to hear with traffic whizzing by.

  2. It was something like that. Unfortunately, I think the police want an engineering solution and the engineers want an enforcement solution, so what we end up with is status quo.