I chased mailboxes. They got away.

The inimitable MG of the blog Chasing Mailboxes and various biking contests wherein people have to ride their bicycles miles to purchase hot beverages or they're forced to assiduously clean and polish various tandem bike components in the Dining Room Bike Shop for 6 months before given the ability to earn their freedom by completing a full R-12 series (to be honest, I don't know if those are the exact terms of coffeeneuring- I've never actually made it to the bottom of the rules) has decided to profile this here very blog, Tales From The Sharrows, in her otherwise amazing series On Writing & Riding

I am honored.

I thank MG for including this blog in the list of those profiled, a list that contains so many very excellent blogs about bicycling and also this one. I also thank her for her very thoughtful interview questions which really challenged me to come up with creative lies about why I started writing this blog (real answer: if I ever typed under 55 wpm, Dennis Hopper would blow up my computer), what I've gotten out of the experience (real answer: the Speed and Speed 2: Cruise Control Criterion Collection DVD box set from an anonymous adoring fan), and why I care so darn much about pogo sticks (real answer: [insert pun about Dennis Hopper]). The whole thing was a grand time and I only cried a little from all of the introspection. Totally worth it.

You can read it here.


  1. Hey, it's fun to ride miles to purchase coffee. I'd do it more if I had more time. But I agree with you on the rules thing.

    1. What?! I may have to add a rule saying that no one can say or even think anything negative about the rules/terms of coffeeneuring.

    2. Okay, as I re-read my comment I thought it sounded grumpy. There are lots of rules. I admit it! There, I said it.

      And also, I want to clarify that no aspect of coffeeneuring requires indentured servitude in the Dining Room Bike Shop, although if you do have skills you may find yourself involved in coffeeneuring in ways you did not expect, such as providing mapping skills via a regional office. :)

      And finally, it was a pleasure to feature Tales From The Sharrows on Chasing Mailboxes!

    3. @MG- Nah, there are barely enough rules. I say, add more! How many sugar packets? Can we use skim or just half and half? DOES LATTE ART COUNT DOUBLE? There are so many more areas for rules and there's no other randonneuse in the entire world I would rather have writing them.

      I'm sorta wondering if maybe I should interview you for Tales From The Sharrows... I can't promise you it would be as good (in fact, I can promise you it wouldn't be), but maybe some reciprocity is ordered. Let me think of some questions and I'll get back to you. Once again, thanks so much for the opportunity!

  2. Gold. Pure gold. Please keep it up (at least here and there). We heart you Sharrows!

  3. Warning: MG's interview with you will attract more readers. Fact.