Still Not Back

Did you guys know that I still had a blog? I certainly didn't. Sorry for not keeping to my kind of promise to sometimes writing, but school has been a bit more time consuming than I would've hoped for (but it's good, because I'm learnding). Anyway, not much is new in bike stuff. It's still pretty great to commute by bike. There are still some things that aren't the best about it and some of those things are controllable and some aren't. That's life, I guess.

They've let me keep writing Gear Prudence, so there's a bunch new of those if you haven't been reading. If you have been reading, thank you. If you'd like to write in with questions, you can either do so through gearprudence@washingtoncitypaper.com or through my address (found in the contact tab above). The column really depends on reader questions, so if you find yourselves with a few free moments, I'd really, really appreciate it. They don't have to be anything profound or even that vexing. Even a few words like 'me get belt drive?' is really helpful. There's a lot of topics that are out there that I'm probably not covering, so anything you think would make for an interesting question, send in. As people who ride bikes (at least, I assume that if you're reading this, you're probably that) you probably get a ton of questions from people who don't. So pass those along! "How come bicyclists _____?" is a totally valid format if you don't have any "What should I do when bicycling and _____ happens?" Writing the column has been a complete gas and I need your help to keep up the volume. Thanks in advance- you're all the best.

I've also written some things in Greater Greater Washington. This is about a meeting and why we can't have nice things. This is about a 1928 traffic report and how things haven't really changed that much.

So, that's that. Class ends in a few weeks and then I have a quick respite to Beantown and then it'll be July. Things graphomaniacal should resume by then, at least around here. I'll try to do better.