About Tales From The Sharrows

"DC's 37th Most Popular Bicycle Commuter Blog"

From February 2011 to February 2013, Tales From The Sharrows was the irreverent daily record of my bicycle commute, ride in and ride home, in, around, and through Washington, DC. Like every day. It took a lot of time to do that. Like, time I could have been spending with loved ones or eating delicious sandwiches. Overall, it was fun to do and I learned a lot from it. If you'd like to read the back catalog, it starts here and goes on for the next 950 posts. A good beach read, probably. 

But now, Tales From The Sharrows is something else. Something different. Something yet to be fully determined (I might even revert back to the old format from time to time). Regardless, whatever it is (or is becoming), it's still about the District of Columbia and bike commuting and unserious, but well-intentioned advocacy, so if you're in to that sort of stuff (and who isn't?), check back regularly for irregularly scheduled updates. And as always, thank for you reading. 

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