UPDATE: Weekend Biking Event for Peoplez with Kidz!

Two events this weekend:

May 3: The ABCs of Family Biking at the Capitol Hill Montessori School from 11AM-2PM brought to you by Kidical Mass DC. Events include all of the following except for a few of extra things which I made up and added to the list for laughs:
  • A Show & Tell to talk to area parents who bike with children of all ages
  • Bicycles and equipment available at local bike shops to help parents bike safely with their children 
  • Frame welding for kids!
  • Free Youth Bike course with WABA instructors to teach basic riding skills to children.
  • Parents & Kids Riding class to help parents bike alongside their kids, either alone or in a “bike train” group.
  • Balance bike races for our youngest riders
  • Baby aerohelmet fitting
  • A cargo bike obstacle course where interested parents can test demonstration bikes and experienced family cyclists can pits their skills against one another in the East Coast’s first-ever “Fiets of Parenthood” competition
  • Silent auction to win autographed copy of of a book by some Flemish junior race you've never heard of
  • The opportunity for parents to “Swap or Sell” their gently used family biking equipment 
  • Free bike repair clinics from The Bike House
May 4: UPDATE: everything I previously wrote about the Kidical Mass Arlington ride was wrong. Sorry! THIS IS THE REASON THAT YOU SHOULD NOT WRITE BLOG POSTS BEFORE DRINKING COFFEE. I apologize. Here is some correct (and current) information about Kidical Mass Arlington's spring and summer schedule:

For the 2014 Spring-Summer-Fall season, we're generally riding on the third Sunday of the month, with some bonus rides thrown in, and some adjustments for some special events. Here's the plan, with the usual caveat that things happen, and you should check the website for details and confirmation.

Sunday, May 18 – Taste of Kidical (a ride to the Taste of Arlington)
Sunday, June 1 – Kidically Spring
Sunday, June 15 – Daddy Kidical (Father’s Day Ride)
Sunday, July 6 – Tour de Kidical (Ride to watch the Tour de France)
Sunday, July 20 – Kidically Arlandria – Joint ride with the newly formed Kidical Mass Alexandria
Sunday, August 10 – Fairly Kidical (a ride to the Arlington Fair)
Saturday, September 27 – Kidically Clarendon (a ride to Clarendon Day)
Saturday, October 4 – Arlington Fun Ride Family Ride
Don't forget to double check the website right before the ride to confirm details.

And here's a flyer:

Once again, there is no ride this Sunday. There will be other rides though and you should go to those. 

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