Rides 11/7: A dollar short

Words. Ugh. How about pictures:

It was cold on Friday. I wore skeleton gloves. 
On Friday morning, I was reminded of ARTCRANK, which was on Saturday night. 
This is some ARTCRANK, A good time was had by all, or at least that was the case when there was still beer. I think good times continued after the beer ran out, but I was well gone by that point. I would like to reiterate that I had a good time and I'm glad that ARTCRANK finally came to DC. 
I rode across town Friday night (stopping at the 14th Street Trader Joe's because of self-loating and the need for yogurt) and followed Q Street to the MBT and then checked out the new M Street NE cycletrack, which is seen here in the process of being installed. It's not done yet. They're putting in more permanent plastic posts today.

Coming down the ramp from the MBT, the helpful yellow lines guide you to other yellow lines. I hope they paint this green because that might help everyone realizing that there will be intermingling of bicyclists and pedestrians. Also green is a pretty color and I also own stock in a green paint company and it would be very lucrative for me personally. 
The first time anyone has ever captured a picture of a driver idling in an under-construction bike lane. This is what Neil Armstrong must've felt like when he helped Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landing.
The cycletrack from beyond the idling cars towards First Street NE (Northeast, not Nebraska.)
The First Street cycletrack currently ends at G Street, but soon it will be extended and thank Zeus for that. Right now, it's a fucking morass. It's two-way, but isn't. Parking and idling is restricted, but it isn't. It's just a total mess and hopefully adding the cycletrack will help give the street some order. I mean, once they start the massive ticketing blitz needed to "re-educate" the drives who currently ignore all traffic laws thererabouts currently. 
What's white and square and on Capitol Hill? A GOP Congress! (rimshot)
BONUS: This is Saturday, when I rode my bike in Fort Dupont, where the conditions approximate those of mountain biking, a sport for which I have little aptitude. I didn't fall down once. Or multiple times. It's really fun to ride on the trails back there and I bet it would be even more fun if you knew what you were doing.

Majestic DC skyline brought to you by the Height Act. As seen from Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Morris Road SE

Some bike parking at the new Harris Teeter near the Navy Yard. Outside is better than inside, which is a wave rack tucked in the corner not especially close to the entrance. Biking in parking garages isn't super fun anyway, so it's probably best just to park outside, unless it's raining. Service journalism! 

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