Rides 8/13: Raspberry Sorbet

Allen is the name of my personal trainer. Allen seems like a nice enough guy, but I've only ever met him twice and today was the first time I met with him in which he personally trained me. I feel trained, personally. Why do I have a personal trainer? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. In one of my stranger moments this summer (and there's been more than a few), I decided that it would be a good idea to take advantage of a SUMMER SPECIAL DISCOUNT on personal training through the gym at work. I guess I felt a little lethargic and a little doughy and thought 'you know what? if someone trains me, personally, perhaps I will feel more verve and perhaps this also will give me a reason to leave my desk at lunchtime and also health and wellness benefits and blah blah blah but mostly the not eating sad desk lunch' and so I signed up and then I some time went by and so my magical fitness journey began. All of which is a run up to say that I am thoroughly exhausted and much of me hurts, even though the extent of the training was one half hour of training of a personal nature. That's right, 30 minutes. It was all rather intensive and targeted and one thing right after another and alternating and trainery and I'm quite confident that he knows what he's doing and I have four more of these things, but none of them are scheduled.

Does this have anything to do with bike commuting? I don't know. I mean, I guess you could make some sort of analogy like 'in the beginning when you first started riding to work it was hard and then it got easier over time, so don't give up!' So, let's go with that. That's sounds inspirational and whatnot. I don't remember bike commuting hurting this much, but it's been awhile since the beginning.

As for the whole bike commuting thing, I saw this guy this morning:

Against my nature, I thought to myself 'well, this seems like someone I should go talk to' and so I stopped by bike and looped around and asked the very germane question 'so, what inspires you to be out here this morning?'



We made very brief small talk thereafter and I asked if I could take a picture and then I set off. He wasn't exclusively blessing bike commuters, and while I might question the efficacy of his intercessionary powers, I'm not willing to rule anything out to #stoputurnsonpenn. If it works, it works.

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  1. One would have to be quite brave to stop and talk to that guy, and a bit naive to expect any answer other than that received, but you got an awesome pic out of the deal.