Rides 8/26: putting the extra i in electricity

We're well on the other side of tolerable right now, the side that's excessively pleasant and the numbers of bicyclists and runners gracing the streets shows it. The more the merrier, I say. To deny someone the opportunity to be out and about in weather like this seems utterly unconscionable. Thanks a lot, car dealerships. Why do you hate freedom?

Height: majestic grandeur

Height: light and air blocking Manhattanization

I decided that I wanted to take the long way into work today and that normally means the Capital Crescent and I'm glad that I made the choice, mostly due to the some unintended consequences and happy accidents. Firstly, I chanced upon this weird workout dance party thing:


It's called Daybreaker and it's either your idea of a dystopian nightmare or it's another thing that isn't your idea of a dystopian nightmare, but, come on, seriously. However, in addition to the dance party shenanigans, there was a gent from the DC-based eBike company Riide out front offering test rides and since I'm all 'yes, and' these days (and also because I've always wanted to try a ebike) I took the opportunity to avail myself a test ride. A few quick thoughts:

1. Ebikes are definitely a thing. I'm not entirely sure what that thing is. I don't know who exactly the target audience is, but I'm also quite confident that there's a target audience.

2. The Riide bike was very simple and intuitive. I liked that.

3. As a bike, it was mostly just fine. But it's not just a bike and the e part was really quite captivating, especially for helping get back up to speed after having the slow down some. Instant acceleration.

4. I used the e part to get up a rather steep hill to get the C&O. Effort-wise, it was all engine, so I did nothing. Speedwise, it wasn't much faster that I could've gone if I pedaled. But then again, I'm a world class grimpeur. Or is that griper?

Anyway, one of the more interesting things the company is doing is setting up a subscription service (aka a lease) where you pay a monthly fee, get the bike and a lock for 2 years and they'll take care of all the maintenance and whatnot. After two years, you turn it in and can get the new model. I think it's an interesting idea (sort of reminds me of old cell phone contracts) and I'll be curious to see if this model gains any traction. Best of luck to them in any case!

Capital Crescent the long way and then up the dirt path to Loughboro, which has too many unnecessary traffic lights. Stop signs are amazing. We should use more of them. Traffic lights are the worst and quite dumb. No one's coming, but the light stays green for another 30 seconds? Dumb.

Stopped at Bicycle Space AdMo on the way home. Bought some bar tape. Pondered buying other stuff. Saw Rachel. And Marko. Then rode down 18th Street to Q and then 11th and then Pennsylvania and eventually home. Didn't stop at the grocery store and have minor regrets about that, but I'm gonna get over it.


  1. Thanks for the thoughts on Riide--been following them. How much are the charging for the lease?

    1. Their site doesn't seem accessible (it's called riide pass), but on the Google search results page, it says $299 down, $79/month. Don't know if that's totally accurate or up to date, but that seems to be all I can see at the moment