2013 WABA Membership Drive Special Offer

It's the 2013 WABA Membership Drive! Join WABA! Renew your WABA membership! Score some sweet loot! Change your various social media avatars! Stand outside of WABA headquarters with a boombox to win back WABA's love as if you were in an 80s movie! Write blog posts about WABA's membership drive and then write blog posts about those blog posts like you're some kind of media critic who only criticizes media about bike advocacy organization membership drives! Dubiously over-use exclamation points!

There are so many great reasons to be a WABA member, listing them would prove inordinately difficult and probably not even worth your time because there's really only one reason to be a WABA member and it's fairly self-evident: if you ride a bicycle in the greater Washington area, WABA is looking out for you. And not looking out for you in the "why is this guy outside of our headquarters with a boombox? Is he trying to win back our love?" sort of way. But in the "advocating for better bike infrastructure, better bicyclist laws and more bicycle-friendly communities" sort of way and they're the best at it. And the more members they have, the better they can do it.

So, join up.


As a special incentive, if you join WABA or renew your WABA membership and give them, I don't know, let's say $5 more than you would have otherwise,  you can get a a limited edition SharrowsDC button (for some reason- some reason called they're f*cking awesome)! Just email me at talesfromthesharrows@gmail.com averring to the fact that you gave WABA this extra money. You don't need to prove it (like, seriously, don't send me a receipt or a sworn affidavit or anything. I promise to believe you.), but I will need your address or a treasure map in which your mark your home with an X so I can deliver you this button. If you want more than one button, give more than $5 extra to WABA. Pretty straightforward. If you'd like to personally deliver me the $5 and have me give it to WABA, that's kind of circuitous, but I suppose we could make that happen, too. I'm around. I have a limited number of buttons and this is a limited-time offer, so first-donated, first-buttoned.

Button looks like this. 

To recap:

1. WABA is great.
2. Join WABA or renew your WABA membership.
3. Throw them $5 more than you would have otherwise
4. Tell me that you did that and give me your address.
5. Wait impatiently at mailbox everyday until your button arrives. It helps if you tap your foot and look at your watch.
6. Festoon bike bag or apparel with button.

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