Rides 8/18: shale

Back on the Ogre after some time off. It's been mostly sidelined because the bike weighs a billion pounds and in the summer heat, torpor rains (and I have swifter steeds), but in summer rains (as today was slated to have) I felt that the fenders and brakes and the whole set up would be up to the whole affair, though the bike itself suffers still from some mechanical issues. I recently replaced the cassette and the chain, but there's something wrong with the large ring up front (teeth are bent because reasons) and it won't be until at least tomorrow that I'll be able to get that taken care of and then perhaps thereafter the bike will prove more attractive. My hope is that the crooked teeth are the cause of the clicking noise that haunts me with each pedal stroke. That or I'm being chased by my mortal enemy, an alligator that ate of one those baseball umpire's balls and strikes indicators. Walk. No, ride.

Decided to ride the M Street cycletrack for the first time in a long time and it was surprisingly fine. If you'd like a brief snapshot that indicates the reality bicycles are not especially dangerous vehicles in the cityscape, look to those folks standing in bike lanes totally not giving a shit. It's an accurate assessment of their level of danger, though I suppose a more courteous approach in which bike lanes are not stood in would be more welcome.

Click click click up Wisconsin and then a few more clicks over Calvert and a couple more clicks up New Mexico. Really looking forward to seeing New Mexico Avenue on the 50 States Ride, which is upcoming and a ride that somehow I've remarkably never done. I wonder, though, if I really thought about it how many state avenues I've ridden on already. I think it's a lot- I do ride my bicycle all over DC, mostly in search of tacos and/or to stave off existential ennui- but I'm looking forward to being surprised by lesser encountered avenues.

Easy ride home, but before that I provided some mechanical assistance to a fellow bike commuter in the work parking garage. I definitely fixed the problem with her bike's front brake, though I think the solution that I eventually reached could've have been reached faster and with overall less fiddling. WHY OH WHY MUST I PLAY MY VIOLIN IN A DOWN HOMEY FASHION ALL THE TIME? Anyway, I saw her a little bit down the road so whatever I did to fix her problem resulted in her at least being able to make it somewhat away from work.

Massachusetts, 21st, and L street, which has a cycletrack, that is quite popular. One of the more popular things for bicyclists to do is ride in it but an equally popular thing for bicyclists to do is stop in it at intersections because they don't know how to turn from it. Quick, someone email gearprudence@washingtoncitypaper.com with a question about making turns from it. (Actually, I think someone already did this and I'm derelict in responding. Whoops. Soon though.)

11th to Pennsylvania and up the hill. Slow going most of the way. Lots of other cyclists out. I think this cycling trend might really catch on.

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