Rides 8/19: uncle vanya century

This evening, my bike got fixed. Yay fixing!

I dropped it off at the end of the evening commute and took Bikeshare home. Rather than put my CaBi key in the right place, I decided to just shove it in my pocket and my reward for this was losing it. I guess maybe it's conceivable that I didn't lose it and that I took it out of my pocket with the other contents and its somewhere around the house, but I think it might be gone. Oh well. Guess I'll just order another. Unless they launch Bikeshare FobShare, but I don't think there's a profitable business model in that. "Oh, I dropped my Bikeshare subscription because I'm a FobShare subscriber now. Saving big bucks, but always getting fobblocked."

I got to the bike shop the usual way and then across Mount Vernon Square over to K Street and K across town to 2nd to I. I got got to work an entirely different way because the bike shop (Daily Rider) and my workplace are not collocated. Thanks, Obama. I did take Pennsylvania Avenue both to, past, and from the White House to M Street and then up Wisco and down Mass.

On East Capitol in the morning, this happened:

If you've ever subjected yourself to any comments section on any online article about bicycling, you've likely had the misfortune of reading that phrase. It's easy to demonize bike commuters when you don't know that they're 7 year old girls. The moral of this story is mostly to never read the comments, but the backup moral is that maybe Madison and Jayden (these are the names of literally all children these days, right?) might deserve a little more than a white stripe of paint and some platitudes and we (society?) need to get over ourselves and take this to heart.

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